Pumpable insulation material with high dielectric strength that resists surface arcing, extremes of temperature, and provides long life under all conditions.

Armature insulated with ARS at a railroad repair facility.

Reinsulation Process using ARS and five gallon pail bulk pump system.

Arc Resistant Sealant (ARS) was developed to provide a one-step, one material process to insulate the commutator end of armatures (the spider) used in D.C. traction motors. ARS has also been found to improve the life to failure by a factor of at least two times in actual field experience and by a factor of five times plus in laboratory comparison tests ASTM-D-2303-(inclined plane arc track test).

Prior to using Chem-Spec's ARS the armature's commutator end was insulated with Mica or Nomex, which was bonded with layers of epoxy-saturated glass string banding. A teflon band is added over the string banding to prevent the build-up of carbon which would cause electrical shorts across the end of the commutator copper segments. Brush wear results in carbon dust deposits which tend to collect at the end of the commutator bars.

By the use of ARS only one material is required to insulate and cover the commutator. This ARS material provides all the necessary mechanical strength, electrical insulation and arc resistant properties. Because ARS is elastomeric, with a high degree of elongation, it will not crack or break its adhesive bond with the metal parts of the armature during large, sudden changes in temperature. It's elastomeric properties are retained at very low and very high temperatures for tens-of-years and will not experience embrittlement with heat or age.

Arc Resistance ­ Wet and Dry
Hydrophobic ­ Prevents Leakage Currents
Moisture and Chemical Resistant
Forms Permanent Bond with Armature
Resists Cracking Due to Vibration and Thermal Expansion and Contraction
Non-Hardening with High Temperature and Age
Easily Dispensed with Caulking Gun or Pail Bulk Pumping Equipment
High Corona and UV Resistance
Will Not React With or Corrode Armature Materials
Will Not Slump, Sag or Run Off Surfaces
Non-Toxic -- Not Listed Under SARA Title III
No Requirement for Toxic Catalysts

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