1. 1. Wipe clean commutator spider area with lint free tissue dampened with a cleaning solvent that does not leave an oil film such as isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning do not touch areas where ARS will be applied as any oil films will interfere with the chemical bonding. On armatures being repaired of the old design it will be necessary to cut back the Mica or Nomex to within " of the commutator segments to insure bonding of the ARS to the armature steel.

2. 2. Using Vinyl electrical tape Mask the upper and top edges of the commutator segments by stretching the tape across the corner as you rotate the armature. Soon after the ARS is applied, before the ARS cures remove the tape.

3. 3. Using the ARS delivery system, fill the peripheral area between the spider lip and commutator bars, with a popsicle stick or tongue depressor, smooth the surface of ARS even with the spider lip and proceed with a thin coating up to within " of the commutator surface. Allow for a radius in the corner. Care should be taken not to make sharp 90 degree angles. If the ARS starts to cure before the desired smoothness is reached the surface should be allowed to set for 15 or 20 minutes until it becomes tack free and another top coat applied.

The best set-up for applying ARS is when the armature is placed horizontal in a turning jig or in a lath. Under this arrangement it will take no longer than five (5) minutes to insulate one spider area. However, the armatures can be worked on stationary and standing on end.

Due to the non-slump properties ARS, parts can be moved immediately after application and positioned either horizontally or vertically. In tests armatures with recently applied ARS have been rotated at 600 RPM without any damage. The electrical properties of ARS are the same when measured on cured or uncured material. If complete cure is required, this can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time by exposing the ARS to moisture through wetted sponge bands or steam.

The Arc Resistant Sealant can be purchased in 5 gallon pails. When this is done, the bulk delivery system can be used. In this system, an air-powered pump is used to pump material through a hose directly to the delivery nozzle that can be used to spread the ARS at the armature spider.

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