Storage & Shelf Life
Chem-Spec Corporation ARC Resistant Sealant has a shelf life of one year from date of shipment. Keep containers tightly closed to avoid contact with moisture.

Safety Information
Before handling, read product infomation and
Follow all container labels, physical and health hazard information.

Material Safety Data Sheet.

Arc Resistant RTV is supplied in:
1/10 gal plastic cartridges
5 gal plastic grease pails.

ARS is distributed by:
Power Products Distributing, Inc.
(706) 698-1800
FAX: (706) 698-7555

Also contact Power Products for bulk
dispensing equipment or to automate your insulating process.

Electrical Properties:
Dielectric Strength: 520 volts/mil @ 40 mil
(ASTM D149)
Dielectric Constant: 4.49 @ 100 Hz
(ASTM D150) 3.44 @ 100 kHz
Dissipation Factor: .06843 @ 100 Hz
(ASTM D150) .05632 @ 100 kHz
Volume Resistivity: 2.2 x 1014 ohm/cm.
(ASTM D257)
Dry Arc Resistance: Track: 180 seconds
(ASTM D495) Burn: 430 seconds
Inclined Plane Wet Arc Resistance: > 500 hours
(ASTM D2303)
Arc Tracking Wheel Test: 1500 Hours
Carbon-Arc, 4000 hrs No degradation
QUV, 20,000 hrs No degradation
Underwriters Lab Standard 94:
Classification of 94V-0, in thickness of 3.2 mm (1/8 in)
Physical Properties: Durometer, Shore A (ASTM D2240): 85
Elongation, % @ Break (ASTM D412): 200
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-412): 400 psi
Tear (ASTM D624): 100 psi
Thermal Conductivity: .520 w/m-k.

Please Read Carefully
Chem-Spec Corporation believes that the information in this web site is an accurate description of the typical characteristics and/or uses of the product, but it is your responsibility to thoroughly test the product in your specific application to determine its performance, efficiency and safety.
Chem-Spec Corporation provides the sole warranty that the product will meet our current sales specification.
Your exclusive remedy and Chem-Spec Corporation only liability for breach of warranty is limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted, and Chem-Spec Corporation expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

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